Robert Taylor Catalogue


by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Viper Venom, F-16

Aircraft – F-16

Robert Taylor’s powerful painting shows F-16s from the 31st(nearest) and 52nd Expeditionary Wings, as they climb out of Aviano air base in northern Italy, headed for southern Kosovo on May 31, 1999. The target, Serbian fielded forces on the move in southern Kosovo. Many believe the F-16 to be the most beautiful of all modern combat jet fighters.

Signed in pencil by the artist Robert Taylor and two F-16 fighter leaders, both of whom flew in combat in Operations Desert Storm and Allied Force:
Lt. Colonel Mike ‘Boe’ Boera,
Lt. Colonel Dave ‘Fingers’ L Goldfein

Overall print size: 34½ inches wide x 23½ inches high.

850 signed and numbered prints -
85 Artist’s Proofs -


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