Victory’s Finest Moment

By Richard Grenville

Victory’s Finest Moment By Richard Grenville


H.M.S. Victory breaks through the combined fleet of the Spanish and French at the Battle of Trafalgar 21st of October 1805

Victory’s Finest Moment is a stunning new limited edition fine art pint by the award winning artist Richard Grenville. Depicting in the highest detail the moment H.M.S.Victory breaks the line of the combined fleet of Spain and France. Her sailors high above haul sails out of the way of the decks as the port cannons let go a shuddering and devastating broadside into the stern of Bucentaure, the flag-ship of Vice-Admiral Villeneuve. Such devastastion is inflicted to the French ship immediately rendering her almost out of action. Villeneuve could only watch in despair as the battle slowly engulfed the centre and rear of his magnificent line of ships. Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson , in command of His Majesties fleet from Victory’s quarter deck, knew full well that a decisive outcome was required to put an end once and for all to Napoleon Bonaparte’s planned invasion of England. He had absolute faith in his crews. Hardened by years at sea, their proven courage under fire would soon prove their worth. Despite being outnumbered in ships, men and guns, the Royal Navy triumphed over nineteen French and Spanish ships for the loss of none of their own.

On the starboard side of the Victory (left in the picture) is the French ship Redoubtable. Her crowded decks under the command of Captain Lucas, it was from this ship the fatal musket shot was fired, mortally wounding Lord Nelson.

The decisive result of this battle did indeed deny Napoleon Bonaparte’s chance to invade Great Britain and gave the United Kingdom an unrivalled rule of the sea that was to last a hundred years. But on that day 200 years ago, no matter if you were British, Spanish or French such courage was shown by all. It is fair to say that all did their duty and to their dying days were justly proud of the part they played. Victory’s Finest Moment is an outstanding and unique tribute to the last great battle fought by sailing ships and to those who took part.

Size of image: 62cm x 41cm

Edition size - 1000 Limited edition prints

Signed and Numbered - £120.00 inc vat (£102.13+vat)

Remarque - £260 inc vat (£221.28 +vat)

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