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by Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor Aviation Art TYPHOONS OUTWARD BOUND

In the months following D-Day, Hawker’s hard-hitting, snub-nosed Typhoon struck terror into the German formations in Normandy, crack Panzer units wilted under the constant hail of rockets and bombs. Several times a day the Typhoon pilots would cross the Channel to run the gauntlet of flak and ground fire, and deliver their lethal cargo. The Typhoon’s lethal weaponry is clearly visible in Richard Taylor’s beautiful new painting Typhoons Outward Bound. As another fine summer day begins, Typhoon Mk1b’s of 247 Squadron are en-route to theNormandy battlefront, the first of several missions that day. Skimming at mast-top height, the Typhoons pass over two ancient steam drifters, conscripted into the wartime role of patrolling the Channel and, should the need arise, rescuing any downed aircrew in need of help.

Overall print size: 27 3/8" wide x 23 1/4" high

Every print in Richard Taylor’s new limited edition has been personally signed by three Typhoon pilots, all of whom were flying Typhoons in combat on, and after, D-Day.

Wing Commander J.F.D. ‘TIM’ ELKINGTON
Warrant Officer JOHN ‘ABE’ LINCOLN
Pilot Officer ‘RUSTY’ TOWNSEND

The Artist Proofs and Remarque Editions have been additionally signed by:

Flying Officer JOHN BYRNE

400 Signed & Numbered prints
25 Artist Proofs

25 Remarques
10 Double Remarques

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