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by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Titanic - The Last Farewell

The bands played, the streamers flew and the crowds cheered; their loud ‘hurrahs’ filling the air as the world’s largest liner slipped gently away from the White Star berth at Southampton. The fateful maiden voyage to New York had begun.

It was a bitterly cold, crystal clear night and the sea was flat and calm. In the crow’s nest of RMS Titanic, four days out from Southampton, two vigilant lookouts shivered, the warmth of their breath steaming in the freezing air. Then, at 11.40pm, they saw it dead ahead – an iceberg. With adrenaline pumping through their veins they rang the warning bell and hailed the bridge, but it was too late. The lookouts could only stare in horror as the ship’s starboard side struck the deadly ice.
The events that followed are now remembered as one of the most tragic and iconic maritime disasters in history. The crew scrambled to save as many women and children as they could, quickly filling up the mere 20 lifeboats. With tearful, heart-wrenching goodbyes husbands bid farewell to their families and stood bravely to await their fates, knowing they wouldn’t survive. The lucky few in the lifeboats could only watch in terrified awe as the Titanic’s lights blinked out one by one until her stern abruptly reared and the unsinkable ship slipped beneath the waves forever.

A few days earlier, however, the scene had been so different. The RMS Titanic presented a majestic sight as she sailed down Southampton Water and into the Solent accompanied by a flotilla of all shapes and sizes. It is this magical moment that Robert Taylor has chosen to commit to canvas.

His latest painting, Titanic – Last Farewell, is dedicated to the memory and the Centenary of the Titanic’s fateful voyage.

Each print in this edition has been hand-signed by the artist and numbered.
400 Signed and numbered prints


Uniquely, a small number of prints in Robert Taylor’s superb new release were personally autographed by Titanic Survivor Millvina Dean during her lifetime. In agreement with her these exclusive prints are only now released to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of this infamous event, creating a poignant and extremely desirable piece for collectors of Titanic memorabilia.


MILLVINA DEAN – the last and youngest survivor of the Titanic – signed every print in this outstanding edition before she passed away in May of 2009..

135 Centenary Edition prints
25 Centenary Edition Artist Proofs

Overall Print Size: 35” wide x 22” high Image Size: 28½” wide x 15” high

THE TITANIC CENTENARY TRIBUTE EDITION (Signed by Millvina Dean and the artist)

For all collectors with an interest in the Titanic, and to commemorate the centenary of the Titanic’s only voyage, the Military Gallery is proud to publish this unique, once-in-a-lifetime, Titanic Tribute Edition. Only THIRTY-FIVE signed and numbered copies of Robert Taylor’s working pencil drawing for Titanic-Last Farewell will be issued!
Each pencil print is conservation matted to include a highly collectable sample of coal actually recovered from the boiler rooms of the Titanic. Recovered by RMS Titanic Inc. during their expedition in the summer of 1994, these pieces of genuine Titanic coal are the ONLY artifacts from the wreck site that can be legally sold to the public.

The matte also includes a specially commissioned 100th Anniversary Harland and Wolff commemorative brooch.
35 Tribute Edition with matted companion -

THE TRIBUTE EDITION REMARQUE (Signed by Millvina Dean and the artist)

Comprising all the components of the Tribute Edition, each of these highly exclusive editions carries a superb, original pencil drawing within the border of the main print. These remarques will be incredibly sought-after so please enquire early.
15 Remarques
5 Double Remarques


75 Giclee canvas Editions:

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