Robert Taylor Catalogue

Three Good Bounces

Canvas Studio Proofs

by Robert Taylor

ROBERT TAYLORThree Good Bounces Lancaster of 617 Squadron


To help commemorate the 75th Anniversary of this legendary mission, we are delighted that these powerful images are part of Robert's hugely popular series of Giclée Studio Proofs on canvas.

In the history of air warfare few missions come close in terms of courage and the highest skills of precision flying to the one carried out by 617 Squadron on the night of 16/17 May 1943. Codenamed Operation Chastise, their mission was to destroy the great dams that were vital to the industries of the Ruhr and, to do so, they would use a radical new weapon designed by Barnes Wallis – a ‘bouncing bomb’ that would ‘skip’ across the water before detonating against the dam wall.

Robert Taylor’s outstanding new painting depicts the moment as ‘Dinghy’ Young powers Lancaster AJ-A over the wall of the Möhne Dam, moments after releasing his bouncing bomb. Commanding Officer Guy Gibson, flying high with lights on to draw enemy flak, noted “three good bounces” of the bomb before it successfully detonated against the dam wall to trigger its collapse. David Maltby in AJ-J will shortly deliver the final, decisive blow.

Reproduced onto fine canvas this stunning Giclée proof is also available in two sizes:

50 Studio Proofs

Released pre-stretched and ready to frame. Canvas size: 38” wide x 22” high

10 Exhibition Proofs

Released unstretched. Image size: 60” wide x 34” high

We are delighted to issue the very exclusive Exhibition Proofs - the extra-large size makes them an imposing showpiece for the larger space, workplace or hangar.

Carefully crafted onto fine canvas, each of these Giclée Proofs are signed by Robert Taylor, hand-numbered and issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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