Robert Taylor Catalogue
Those Valiant Few

by Robert Taylor



The third in Robert Taylor's NEW series of Limited Edition pencil drawings

The new Limited Edition from Robert Taylor, whose evocative pencil drawing commemorates Churchill’s famous ‘FEW’, the valiant young pilots of RAF Fighter Command who flew and fought in the Battle of Britain.

The Battle of Britain commenced at the beginning of June 1940, and for the next two and a half gruelling months the young men of Royal Air Force Fighter Command, duelled with the cream of Goering’s Luftwaffe over the skies of southern England. It was to become the
greatest aerial conflict in aviation history. Always outnumbered, the valiant young pilots fought with a determined fierce-ness and intensity, and never once did their spirit waver. By the end of September the battle was won, but many had made the ultimate sacrifice.
Robert Taylor, the world’s foremost aviation artist, has dedicated his evoc-ative new drawing as a lasting tribute to the valiant young men who took part in this historic event, and who helped write a glorious chapter in history.


Acid Free Permanent Paper

Every print in this extraordinary Tribute Edition is signed by no less than FIFTY Battle of Britain pilots and aircrew, some of the most famous names n RAF Fighter Command’s Roll of Honour, all prints are also signed by the artist Robert Taylor, and hand numbered.


Flight Lieutenant ALEXANI)ER N.R.L. APPLEFORD Spitfires / 66 Squadron
Squadron Leader PERCIVAL H. BEAKE Spitfires I 64 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant BENJAMIN BENT Blenheims / 25 Squadron
Air Commodore PETER M. BROTHERS Hurricanes / 32 Spitfires
Flight Lieutenant BERNARD W. BROWN Spitfires / 610 Squadron
Squadron Leader MAURICE P. BROWN Spitfires /611 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant OWEN V. BURNS Blenheims / 235 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant JOSEPH T.R. CHAMBERLIN Blenheims / 235 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant WILLIAM J. CORBIN Spitfires / 610 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant MICHAEL E. CROSKELL Hurricanes / 213 Squadron
Wing Commander ROBERT F.T. DOE Spitfires / 234 Squadron
Group Captain BILLY I)RAKE Hurricanes / 213 Squadron
Group Captain BYRON I~. DUCKENFIELI) Hurricanes / 501 Squadron
Squadron Leader STANLEY S. DUFF Blenheims / 23 Squadron
Wing Commander PETER W. DUNNING.WHITE Hurricanes / 145 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant ERIC R. EDMUNDS Hurricanes / 245 Squadron
Wing Commander ,IOHN T. ELKINGTON Hurricanes / 1 Squadron
Air Commodore JOHN L.W. ELLACOMBE Hurricanes / 151 Squadron
Squadron Leader ROBER’I’ W. FOSTER Hurricanes / 605 Squadron
Squadron Leader CHARLES C. FRIZELL Hurricanes / 257 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant TREVOR CRAY Spitfires / 64 Squadron
flight Lieutenant WILLIAM J. GREEN Hurricanes 501 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant ALBERT E. GREGORY Blenheims / 219 Squadron
Group Captain RICHARD C. HAINE Blenheims / 600 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant PETER R. HAIRS Hurricanes / 501 Squadron
Squadron Leader NORMAN E. HANCOCK Spitfires / 152 Squadron
Sergeant LEOPOLD HEIMES Blenheims / 235 Squadron
Squadron Leader, TONY C. IVESON Spitfires / 616 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant RECHARI) L. .IONES Spitfires / 64 Squadron
Wing Commander THOMAS M. KANE Spitfires / 234 Squadron
Flight Sergeant JOHN KEATINGS Blenheims / 219 Squadron
Squadron Leader RAYMOND A. KELLOW Hurricanes / 213 Squadron
Squadron Leader ROBERT A. KINGS Hurricanes / 238 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant KEITH A. LAWRENCE Spitfires / 234 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant ROBIN M.M.D. LUCAS Defiants /141 Squadron
Squadron Leader KENNETH R. LUSTY Blenheims I 25 Squadron
Wing Commander KEN W. MacKENZIE Hurricanes I 5(31 Squadron
Squadron Leader JOCELYN G. P. MILLARD Hurricanes / I Squadron
Wing Commander TOM F. NEIL Hurricanes I 249 Squadron
Squadron Leader DOUGLAS B. J. NICHOLLS Hurricanes /151 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant REGINALD C. NUTTER Hurricanes / 257 Squadron
Squadron Leader TOM PICKERING Hurricanes I 51)1 Squadron
Group Captain IIERBERT M. PINFOLD Hurricanes I 56 Squadron
Wing Commander JACK ROSE Hurricanes I 32 Squadron
Wing Commander RICHARD C. B. SUMMERS Blenheims /219 Squadron
Wing Commander GEORGE W. SWANWICK Spitfires /54 Squadron
Wing Commander THOMAS R. THOMSON Hurricanes I 249 Squadron
Squadron Leader MICHAEL J. WAINWRIGHT Spitfires /64 Squadron
Squadron Leader GEOFFREY H.A.WELLUM Spitfires I 92 Squadron
Flying Officer KENNETH A. WILKINSON Spitfires I 616 Squadron

Overall print size: 20 wide x 14” high

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN TRIBUTE EDITION individually numbered (-(65
165 Tribute Edition with 50 signatures


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