Robert Taylor Catalogue

by Robert Taylor


Robert Taylor’s new aerial masterwork captures perfectly the scenario on that decisive morning in November 1917. Lt. Powell is seen pumping a deadly burst of machine gun fire into a diving Albatross as the aerial duel wheels and turns in a magnificent skyscape high above Cambrai.

Prints of this impressive new painting “The Biff Boys” are issued together with a matching-numbered companion drawing “Camels on Patrol”, signed during his lifetime by famous First World War fighter pilot Henry Botterell. This is an outstanding opportunity for aviation art collectors to share a moment of air combat history that happened almost a century ago.

Overall print size: 30½” wide x 23½”

Camels on Patrol by Robert TaylorCamels on Patrol - companion print

Companion drawing overall size: 21¾” wide x 15¼” high
Signed by Henry J. L. Botterell 1896 – 2003 (companion print Camels on Patrol)

The Artist Proofs also have the main print “The Biff Boys” signed by Henry Allingham, who at age 112 is the oldest surviving combatant from the First World War.

Henry Allingham 1896 –

600 signed & numbered prints -one signature - £200inc vat (£170.21+vat)

Edition Size - 65 - two signatures - £375 inc vat (£319.15+vat)

The Tribute Proof Portfolio

consists of only FIVE copies, and is truly unique in every sense. In addition to Henry Allingham’s signature on “The Biff Boys”, and Henry Botterell’s signature on “Camels on Patrol”, a separate special companion print “Close Shave”, solely issued with this portfolio and personally signed by Charles E. Watson RFC, observer/gunner on Bristol Fighters with 11 Squadron during the First World War. It has been conservation matted with the RFC Wings and Blue Max to include the signature of the legendary Manfred von Richthofen.

Henry J. L. Botterell 1896 – 2003 (companion print Camels on Patrol)

Henry Allingham 1896 – (Artist Proof main print)

Charles A. W. Watson 1899 – 2005 (Close Shave companion print)

Manfred von Richthofen 1892 - 1918 (Close Shave companion print)


Close Shave by Robert TaylorClose Shave by Robert Taylor

Portfolio drawing overall matte size: 22½” wide x 22½” high

Five copies worldwide only

The Tribute Proofs - 2 companion prints - 4 signatures - £3450inc vat (£2936.17+vat)


Orders from outside the European Union are free of VAT.

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