Richard Taylor Catalogue

Tactical Support

by Richard Taylor

Tactical Suport by Richard Taylor,P38 Lightning


With bright yellow spinners and distinctive twin-booms glinting in the June sunshine, two P-38 Lockheed Lightnings of the USAAF's 79th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group hurtle low over Pegasus Bridge as they race across the Normandy landscape shortly after the D-Day landings, June 1944. Flying from their base at Kings Cliffe in Cambridgeshire they have today been tasked to support the advancing allied forces; they will strafe and bomb the enemy lines, destroying enemy communications, armour and ground targets, causing as much chaos and disruption as they can. Dangerous work, these low-level missions, but tasks that the tough P-38 pilots relish.

Richard Taylor's evocative new painting recreates the scene over Pegasus Bridge shortly after D-Day as a pair of P-38 Lightnings thunder inland in support of the advancing allied armies. Below, signs of the recent action are still plainly visible as trucks and their exhausted drivers hasten back to the beach-head to collect reinforcements.

Each print in the edition is signed by pilots who flew the P-38 in combat in Europe, together with veterans who fought on D-Day.

Overall Print Size: 33¼" wide x 23½" high
Image Size: 26?" wide x 16"high



Each print in this edition is personally authenticated by two pilots who flew the Lockheed P-38 Lightning in Europe during World War II.

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM WILLIS

350 Signed & numbered - 2 signatures -

Together with the remarques, these SIX signature editions are signed by an additional P-38 pilot, together with three Army veterans who fought on D-Day:

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM WILLIS

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM POPE
Staff Sergeant PETER BOYLE
Sergeant BILL TRUE

60 Veterans Edition -6 signatures
25 Artist Proofs -6 signatures -


Richard Taylor's skilfully executed pencil remarques have become increasingly sought after, and those issued with Tactical Support will be no different. Full of detail and content, there are two separate remarque editions; the first, consisting of 25 copies, will each have an ORIGINAL pencil drawing, gracefully hand crafted by the artist. The second, the de-luxe edition, is restricted to just TEN COPIES and are issued with a full DOUBLE SIZE remarque drawing, measuring approximately 10" wide.

25 Remarques
10 Double Remarques

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In the short period of time that Richard Taylor has been published by the Military Gallery, his pencil remarques have evolved into highly skilled pieces of original art. More and more detailed, these beautiful hand-crafted drawings are quickly growing to be appreciated by collectors, and are becoming increasingly in high demand. Two highly restricted remarque editions will be issued, all with drawings comprehensively researched and relating to the Mosquito; the first limited to 25 copies, will each have an ORIGINAL pencil drawing elegantly hand drawn by Richard Taylor. The second, restricted to just TEN COPIES, will be issued with a
DOUBLE SIZE remarque drawing. Full of content, these double size remarques will measure approximately 10” wide.