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Super Tex

by Colin Carter

Motorsport Art by Colin Carter Super Tex A J Foyt

"The Indianapolis Signature Series"

A.J.Foyt, Sheraton-Thompson Special, 1967, Indianapolis 500

The history and the legends of those who took part in the famous Indianapolis 500 have always fascinated Colin. A number of all time racing legends have agreed to take part in a unique and historic series. Colin is pleased to announce the release of the third of this series featuring A.J.Foyt, Sheraton-Thompson Special, 1967, Indianapolis 500

All prints will be signed by each racing legend and the artist, and will build up to become a truly collectable series

A.J.Foyt was driving a Ford powered Coyote at the 1967 Indianapolis 500 and, in the latter stages of the race was following leader Parnelli Jones' STP Turbine until, with just three laps to go, Jones' transmission bearing broke and A.J. swept into the lead. As he was about to take the checkered flag a multi-car crash blocked his way. Changing down to second gear he managed to make his way through the flaming fuel, dense smoke and flying wheels to record his third Indy 500 victory and was the only car to complete all 200 laps, and at a record speed of 151.207 mph.

With a record breaking 4 Indy 500 victories and 35 consecutive Indy 500 race starts, 'Super Tex' has become an all time Indianapolis legend.

AJ signing Colin Carter's 'Super Tex'
AJ signing Colin Carter's 'Super Tex'

Colin has also been commissioned as an officially licensed 'NASCAR' artist

Signed by A.J.Foyt and Colin Carter

Overall Print size: 90 x 70 cms.
850 copies Print litho edition -Driver/artist signed £120 inc vat (£102.13+vat)

50 Artist's proofs - signed by A.J. Foyt and the artist £175inc vat (£148.94+vat)

All of the above product versions have been licensed by "A.J. Foyt Enterprises"

Orders from outside the European Union are free from vat

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