Robert Taylor Catalogue


by Robert Taylor


Aircraft – Lancaster

“I stood on the end of the runway at RAF Binbrook during the filming of the Memphis Belle and gazed over the ageless, beautiful Lincolnshire landscape. It was easy to visualize the Lancasters of 460 Squadron returning home, battle-worn and tired as they would have done some fifty years earlier, and to imagine the emotions of the crews as they brought their mighty Lancasters back to this famous wartime base”. Robert Taylor

Winter in Northern Europe brings short days, long nights and, for the most part, appalling weather making navigation difficult and flying hazardous, even by today’s sophisticated standards.
Throughout RAF Bomber Command’s arduous six year World War II campaign, as if atrocious weather were not enough to contend with, day and night bomber crews faced interceptions by enemy fighters, constant flak over occupied territory, and the real and ever present danger of mid-air collision. Add snowstorms, gale force winds, freezing temperatures and the comparatively rudimentary navigational aids available at the time, it seems a miracle they were able to continue at all. But continue they did, and whenever there was the slimmest chance of hitting an enemy target, unhesitatingly, the aircrews of Bomber Command took up the challenge.
460 Squadron RAAF was typical of the bomber squadrons under overall command of Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris; squadrons manned by volunteer aircrews from Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Rhodesia, South Africa, and many other nations opposed to Hitler’s Nazi Germany. To a man they knew the frightening odds against completing a tour of duty, yet many faked their ages just to join this elite band of wartime flyers.
Robert Taylor has chosen 460 Squadron for this evocative tribute to the men of RAF Bomber Command who flew the torturous day and night raids throughout World War II. Under the command of the dashing young Group Captain Hughie Edwards VC, the Squadron took part in many of the most important raids of the war between 1943 and 1945, becoming the most highly decorated squadron in Bomber Command by the end of hostilities.
True to their squadrons motto ‘Strike and Return’, Robert shows Lancasters of 460 Squadron RAAF, returning to RAF Binbrook in Lincolnshire following a daylight raid over Germany in the late winter of 1944. With the sun almost set, chill evening shadows lengthen on a magnificent winter landscape dusted with snow, Lancaster J-Squared leads the mighty bombers as they descend in the fading light.
A majestic Robert Taylor print for discerning collectors of the very best in Aviation Art

Overall print size: 30 3/4" wide x 24 1/8" high



Signed by SIX Royal Australian Air Force pilots and aircrew who flew with RAF Bomber Command during their tours in England with 460 Squadron RAAF, 1941-1945.

Flight Lieutenant W E ‘JERRY’ BATEMAN DFC - Pilot, Flying Officer HILARY M BAYLISS DFC - Pilot, Flight Lieutenant PHILLIP J COFFEY DFC DFM - Navigator, Flight Lieutenant JOHN R GARDNER DFC - Pilot, Flight Lieutenant R GORDON GOODWIN DSO DFM - Navigator, Flying Officer LAWRENCE W WOODS DFC -Bomb Aimer

RAAF Edition - 6 signatures

THE AIRCREW EDITION individually numbered 1-400

The edition is signed by FOUR highly decorated pilots who flew with RAF Bomber Command during World War II. Squadron Leader PAT CARDON DFC AE, Flight Lieutenant BOB KNIGHTS DSO DFC, Squadron Leader TONY IVESON DFC AE, Flying Officer BILL NORTH

Signed and numbered with 4 signatures

THE COLLECTORS EDITION individually numbered 1-250

Just 250 copies of this edition are issued - with all the components of the Aircrew Edition and, in addition, the main print is signed by extra signatures.

It is also issued with a matching numbered print from Robert Taylor’s drawing

‘Night Attack’, signed by Bill Reid VC. A total of NINE signatures.

Group Captain DUDLEY BURNSIDE DSO OBE DFC*, Squadron Leader LAWRENCE CURTIS DFC AE, Flight Lieutenant BILL REID VC (Companion Drawing), Wing Commander ERNEST RODLEY DSO DFC* AFC AE, Flight Lieutenant FRED WATTS DFC

Signed and numbered with 9 signatures

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