Robert Taylor Catalogue


by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Steinhof Tribute, Me109, He111, Hurricane

Aircraft – Me109, He111, Hurricane

The tremendous air battles between the Luftwaffe and the RAF during the Battle of Britain were the most intensely fought in the history of aerial combat. From dawn to dusk throughout the long hot summer of 1940 the battle raged above Southeast England and the Channel, with fighter pilots on both sides flying four, five and sometimes six missions in a single day.
When released from the shackles of close bomber escort, the experienced Luftwaffe pilots, flying the magnificent Me109, were second to none. Leading 4./JG-52 was a dedicated and courageous 26 year old pilot, already seasoned by six months of aerial combat. He would continue to fly combat almost without a break for another five years, and become one of the Luftwaffe’s greatest and most highly respected fighter leaders.
Johannes ‘Macky’ Steinhoff is remembered as a man of steadfast honour, great personal charm and infinite courage.
Robert Taylor has recreated a spectacular scene showing Macky Steinhoff’s Me109 in action against Hurricanes of the RAF’s No.32 Squadron over the White Cliffs of Dover, during the Battle of Britain, August 1940. Heinkel 111 bombers have attacked airfields and radar stations along the coast, and a frantic dogfight has developed as Me109s of JG-52 clash with the Hurricanes. Macky’s Me109e, which dominates the picture, provides a magnificently detailed study of this superlative fighter, as he and his fellow Luftwaffe pilots do their best to protect the retreating Heinkels. Below is a wonderful panoramic aerial view of Dover Harbour, the legendary White Cliffs and the carefully researched landscape showing the South-eastern tip of the British Isles as it was in 1940.

Signed in pencil by the artist Robert Taylor and General Johannes Steinhoff Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords

Overall print size: 33 inches wide x 25 inches high.

Edition size:

1250 signed and numbered prints.

125 Artist Proofs

Signed by General Steinhoff in England, in September 1990, with an agreement that the edition would not be published in his lifetime.

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