Robert Taylor Catalogue

Skipper Comes Home

by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Aviation Art Skipper Comes Home, B-17 Flying Fortress


A brand new limited edition from the world’s pre-eminent aviation artist.

A classic Robert Taylor painting, embodying all that is great in the work of the world’s foremost painter of aviation subjects. Portraying the stark contrast between the peaceful English Countryside of the 1940’s, and the harsh reality of the mighty war machines of the day, is a scenario Robert Taylor has made his own. Over twenty-five years in the vanguard of aviation art, this master artist has sealed his place in the history of military aviation art, and today his work is collected more avidly than almost all other aviation artists put together.

Skipper Comes Home is an archetypal example of the work that has made Robert Taylor famous and admired all around the world. The skill of his brushwork, combined with his vivid imagination, ingenuity, and knowledge of the aircraft flown in World War II, is unsurpassed; together with his love of the English landscape, all these qualities are blended together here in an image that is bursting with nostalgia, beauty, and lasting memories of an era where inordinate courage and selfless devotion to duty came without asking.

With his new painting Robert reminds us that from the summer of 1942 until the end of hostilities, the USAAF’s Eighth Air Force took the battle to enemy occupied Europe every single day that weather permitted. The largest air unit ever to go to war, the Eighth played a vital role in the ultimate defeat of Hitler’s Germany. In the forefront of this awesome fighting force, the crews of the mighty B-17 Flying Fortress will be forever remembered.
Robert Taylor’s ‘Skipper’, one of the longest serving B-17 Fortresses of the war , returning to Thurleigh on a cold afternoon in late January 1945. Flying with the 367th Squadron of the 306th Bomb Group, ‘Skipper’ was badly damaged in November 1944, repaired and returned to service to finish the war with over 100 combat missions flown. Depicted here, the bare metal replacement section in the tail, and several flak patches, have yet to be repainted by her busy ground crew. With the aid of Robert Taylor’s sensitive representation, it is not difficult to imagine the thoughts and feelings of the returning aircrew as they see the runway at Thurleigh stretched out before them, welcoming them home as they make their final approach. An outstanding and invaluable addition to the portfolios of all discerning aviation art collectors.

Overall Print Size: 30 1/8” wide x 24 5/8”


Joining artist Robert Taylor, each print in this highly restricted edition is endorsed with the original signatures of distinguished veterans that flew the B-17 Fortress in Europe during the greatest air war ever fought.

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM P. KINCHELOE

First Lieutenant DON NIELSEN



Edition size -

500 Signed & Numbered

25 Artist Proofs

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