Robert Taylor Catalogue


by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Rolling Thunder, F-105 Thunderchiefs

Aircraft – F-105 Thunderchiefs

The date: March 12th, 1967. The target: The large, heavily defended, thermal plant at Viet Tri, on the Red River, a short distance to the north-west of Hanoi. Robert Taylor’s carefully researched painting shows Colonel Jack Broughton leading the four 355th TFW F-105 Thunderchiefs down Thud Ridge, at very low level. Scorching along in afterburner at just below the speed of sound, the heavily armed Thuds are just a few minutes short of the target.

Signed in pencil by the artist Robert Taylor and four of the US Airforce’s most distinguished and highly decorated F-105 pilots who saw combat action during the fiercest air fighting in North Vietnam:
Lt. Colonel Harold W Bingaman,
Lt. Colonel Max C Brestel, Colonel Jacksel M Broughton,
Colonel Leo K Thorsness

Overall print size: 32 1/2 inches wide x 23 1/2 inches high

850 signed and numbered prints
85 Artist’s Proofs

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