by Nicolas Trudgian

Knights of the Sky by Nicolas Trudgian, Sopwith Camels, SE5A

Aircraft –Fokker, SE5A, Sopwith Camel

For collectors of aviation art, here is a real gem: Limited Edition prints from Nicolas Trudgian’s dramatic painting are released each individually signed by the well known First World War pilot, Philip Bristow. Almost certainly this will be the only print edition by this popular artist ever to be signed by a World War I combat pilot. Undoubtedly this print will become a true collector’s piece.
The dramatic scene depicts an aerial dogfight between Sopwith Camels and SE5A fighters of the Royal Flying Corps, and the bright red planes of Baron von Richthofen’s JG1 fighter wing. High over northern France, the highly manoeuvrable fighters wheel and turn in the cauldron of close aerial combat, the artist bringing alive that evocative era when aerial combat first began.

Overall print size: 17 1/4 inches wide x 22 5/8 inches high

Signed in pencil by the artist Nicolas Trudgian and Flight Lieutenant Philip Bristow



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