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By Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Aviation Art RABAUL - FLY FOR YOUR LIFE

For their outstanding contribution to the war in the South Pacific, the ‘Black Sheep’ were awarded one of only two Presidential Unit Citations accorded to Marine Corps squadrons during the war in the Pacjflc.

Desperate for new pilots in the South Pacific, in August 1943 the First Marine Wing appointed the unconventional fighter ace Major Greg Boyington to pull together a newly formed squadron from a mix of experienced combat veterans and untested novice pilots. The Marine Corps gave him just four weeks to turn this motley group into a fighting force ready for combat -Boyington succeeded beyond all expectations and the rest is history.

Equipped with the Chance Vought F4U Corsair, they called themselves ‘The Black Sheep’, and under Boyington’s mercurial leadership, saw action at Guadalcanal, Munda, the northern Solomons, Vella Lavella, Bourganville, and Tokokina; Kahili, and were the first to lead fighter sweeps over the major Japanese base of Rabaul. In a period of just eighty-four days Boyington’s pilots recorded 273 Japanese aircraft destroyed or damaged, 97 confirmed air victories producing eight fighter Aces, sank several ships, destroyed many ground installations and numerous other victories.
\Vith typical mastery, Robert Taylor has brought to life an encounter over Rabaul in late December 1943, paying tribute to one of the US Marine Corps’ most famous fighter squadrons, and its outstanding leader. With the Japanese airbase at Rabaul visible in the distance, ‘Pappy’ Boyington and his fellow pilots of VMF-2 14 tear into a large formation of Japanese Zeros and a series of deadly dogfights have started, one Zero already fallen victim to their guns.

A few days later. on 3 January 1944, during a massive engagement, Boyington and his wingman took on a force of ten Japanese Zeros. After destroying three, a swarm of twenty more Japanese joined the fray, downing his wingman. Hopelessly outnumbered, Boyington finally fell victim and was shot down. to be taken prisoner by the Japanese. His final victory tally stood at 28. With their leader gone, and eleven other pilots lost in action over the preceding weeks, VMF-2 14, one of the US Marine Corps’ most illustrious yet short-lived squadrons, was disbanded a few days later.

Overall print size: 36" x 23 1/2"

This edition is signed by TWO of the leading 'Black Sheep' F4U Corsair pilots.

Brigadier General BRUCE J. MATHESON USMC

400 Signed & Numbered - £200 inc vat (£170.21inc vat)

This Commemorative edition is additionally signed by five legendary 'Black Sheep' pilots who flew Corsairs with VMF-214, and is issued with a matching-numbered pilot signed companion print of Robert Taylor's working drawing 'Black Sheep'.
A total of SEVEN signatures on this edition.

Brigadier General BRUCE J. MATHESON USMC
Lieutenant Colonel HENRY M. BOURGEOIS USMC (Companion Print)
Lieutenant Colonel W. THOMAS EMRICH USMC
Colonel EDWIN A. HARPER USMC (Companion Print)
Lieutenant Colonel JAMES J. HILL USMC

Robert Taylor's working drawing 'Black Sheep'

THE 'BLACK SHEEP' EDITION With SEVEN signatures including Companion print.

350 'Black sheep' Edition

25 Artist Proofs

Issued with an ORIGINAL pencil drawing by Robert Taylor

This is a very special Commemorative Portfolio issued with the signatures of no less than FOURTEEN of the famous 'Black Sheep' pilots, including four of the squadron's eight Aces. Released to include an individual ORIGINAL pencil drawing by Robert Taylor, widely acknowledged as the world's premier aviation artist, each pilot signed drawing is double-matted to include yet further signatures, including that of their legendary commander - 'Pappy' Boyington. Each drawing is a unique example of Robert's highly-prized creative skill with the pencil, and will feature the F4U Corsairs of VMF-214. There is no doubt at all that this rare 'Black Sheep' Portfolio, signed by over half of the original squadron, will become highly sought after by all aviation art collectors interested in the War in the Pacific.


Lieutenant Colonel JOHN F. BOLT USMC (Matted Signature)
Captain GLENN BOWERS USMC (Original pencil drawing)
Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM D. HEIER USMC (Original pencil drawing)
Major MARION 'RUSTY' MARCH USMC (Original pencil drawing)
Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT W. McCLURG (Matted Signature)
Major EDWIN L. OLANDER USMC (Original pencil drawing)

THE TRIBUTE PORTFOLIO (Subject to availability)
With FOURTEEN signatures, including Companion print and Original pencil drawing by Robert Taylor.

15 Tribute Proofs

A Remarque Edition may be issued at a later date.


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