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by Richard Taylor

OUT OF THE DRAGONS DEN by  Richard Taylor Aviation Art

A historic new portfolio commemorating the legendary Doolittle Raid on
Tokyo, 18 April 1942.

It was the morning of Monday, 18 April 1942 and, taking a final look at the carrier rapidly disappearing into the distance, the B-25s headed west on what each of the five man crews knew was a one-way ride. With luck they might make it to Nationalist China but first they had an important mission to complete - destination Tokyo! Four months earlier the Japanese had launched their blistering unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor leaving America reeling. As setback followed setback, America needed retribution and the man chosen for the task was Lt Col James Doolittle.

Planning one of the most audacious raids ever undertaken, Doolittle and his chosen band of raiders would attempt the impossible - a direct strike at the heart of Imperial Japan. It was what the enemy least expected.

Richard Taylor’s powerful new painting Out of the Dragons Den depicts the scene immediately after the Raiders had carried out their mission. One of the last B-25 Mitchell's, having successfully bombed its target, makes its escape towards mainland China. As the navigator sets the new course, their path takes them close to targets hit by other Raiders, dark columns of smoke rising rapidly from the burning oil and carnage below.

Issued with a copy of Richards pencil print, USS Hornet, every one of these historic two print portfolio's is personally signed by Doolittle Raiders and a crew member of the USS Hornet during the raid. This will prove to be one of the most important editions in Richard Taylor's growing portfolio, providing what could be one of the final opportunities to acquire a limited edition signed by the last surviving veterans of the legendary Doolittle Raiders.

Overall print size: 31” wide x 21” high

The Signatories
Along with artist Richard Taylor every print is personally hand signed by THREE veterans that took part in the Doolittle Raid:

Lieutenant Colonel RICHARD E. COLE
The co-pilot of General Doolittle’s aircraft, B-25 #1 which attacked the city of Tokyo.

Staff Sergeant DAVID J. THATCHER
The Flight engineer and gunner on B-25 #9 which attacked Tokyo Bay in the town of Kawasaki.

Master Sergeant EDWARD J. SAYLOR
The Navigator and Bombardier on B-25 #15 which bombed targets in Kobe.


THE USS HORNET by Richard Taylor
by Richard Taylor

The aircraft carrier USS Hornet heads through the heavy swell of the Pacific in April 1942. A short time later B-25's flown by the legendary Doolittle Raiders will launch from the heaving deck of this mighty ship. Their destination - Tokyo!

Every print in every edition is issued with a copy of this signed companion print, reproduced from an original pencil drawing by Richard, creating a historic two-print portfolio. Each graphite is personally signed by a veteran of the USS Hornet that was involved in the Doolittle Raid:

Aviation Machinist 1st Class GEORGE H. MAYNOR

As Plane Captain he was directly involved with the B-25’s and was on the flight deck when the Raiders took off.

The Limited Edition

250 Limited Edition with companion print and FOUR Signatures

Every print in these exclusive Editions is additionally signed by another legendary Doolittle Raider, creating an outstanding FIVE signature collectors portfolio:


The Navigator on B-25 #9 which bombed Kawasaki on Tokyo Bay.

125 Collectors Edition with companion print and FIVE signatures
25 Collectors Artist Proofs with FIVE signatures


Richard is widely regarded as one of the best exponents of pencil work in the industry and the Military Gallery is excited to release two remarque editions of OUT OF THE DRAGONS DEN. The first edition, limited to 30 copies worldwide, will each have an ORIGINAL pencil drawing elegantly hand-drawn by Richard Taylor in the border of the print. The second, restricted to just TEN COPIES, will be issued with a DOUBLE SIZE remarque drawing, measuring approximately 10” wide.

30 Remarque -5 signatures -
10 Double Remarques -5 signatures

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Richard Taylor is a young talent not to be ignored. His abounding enthusiasm for painting aircraft, and the distinctive natural flair of this young professional artist is clearly demonstrated in this, his very first aviation painting to be issued as a limited edition. In joining The Military Gallery – the same international publishing house that has represented his illustrious father over 30 years – Richard Taylor is set to carve out an exciting career for himself: a career that the most discerning collectors of the genre will no doubt wish to hold a stake in from the very outset.