Colin Carter Gallery

Numero Uno

by Colin Carter

Numero Uno by Colin Carter

Valentino Rossi, 2004-2005 Moto G.P. World Champion with Yamaha

In 2003, having won his fifth World Championship, Valentino Rossi decided he needed a new challenge. His decision to join the Yamaha team surprised everyone, which made his acheivements during the 2004 season, all the more incredible. Having won the first time out with his new team, he went on to win his sixth, and probably his most impressive, World Championship title, beating the previously invincible Honda team in the process.

Print size is 900mm x 700mm (approx 35.5" x 27.5")


850 Limited Edition Prints Worldwide -

Signed and numbered by the Artist - £50

Each copy personally signed and numbered by the Artist

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