Robert Taylor Catalogue


by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Night Attack on the Newcastle

Ships – HMS Newcastle, S-56 (torpedo boat)

During the night of 14/15 June 1942 German E-boats of the 3rd Flotilla left their Eastern Mediterranean base at Derna to intercept an Allied convoy bound for the island of Malta. Just before 04.00, under the command of Leutnant Seigfried Wuppermann, the motor torpedo boat S-56 slipped passed two Royal Navy escort destroyers to make a stern attack on the British cruiser HMS Newcastle.
Robert Taylor’s action packed painting shows S-56 some thirty seconds after the release of her torpedoes, as the first explodes against the hull of HMS Newcastle. The second missed. The cruiser, though badly damaged, managed to limp back to Alexandria.

Signed in pencil by the artist Robert Taylor and five veterans who served with HMS Newcastle; Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach GCB DL, Lieutenant John Baber RNVR, Able Seaman Wilfred Marriott RN, Signalman Arthur Deakin RN, Chief Petty Officer Rupert Stant RN.

Overall print size: 26¼ inches wide x 19¾ inches high

500 signed and numbered prints

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