Monaco Challenge

by Tony Smith

Monaco Challenge by Tony Smith

Maserati 250F, Ferrari/Lancia D50, Gordini, Vanwall

Stirling Moss in the Maserati 250F lead the 1956 Monaco Grand Prix from start to finish. Castellotti in the Lancia - Ferrari No. 22 made a determined challenge at the first corner – that was the nearest anyone got to overtaking him. The challenge was then taken up by Fangio No.20, Collins No.26, Behra No.30, and Fangio again in Peter Collins car (who had handed it over to his team leader as Fangio’s own car was very dented in his efforts to challenge Moss), from lap 45, each holding second place at some stage of the race. Castellotti’s car had failed on lap 15, he took over Fangio’s dented car and drove it into fourth place.

But Moss drove faultlessly to win 6 seconds from Fangio’s Ferrari. Behra’s Maserati was 3rd. Other drivers prominent in the picture are Schell - Vanwall No.16. Musso No.24. Collins - Ferarri No.26. Perdisa - Maserati No. 32.

This print has two excellent printed pencil remarques in the border and is signed by the artist Tony Smith and Stirling Moss


Overall Size : 26¼” x 20½”

Edition Size : 500

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