Robert Taylor Catalogue

Lancaster VC by Robert Taylor


Aircraft – Lancaster

A superb print depicting two Lancaster heading towards the coast, and Germany beyond, in an evening sky painted with great skill and authority. Technically the painting is outstanding, showing the famous aircraft within a lavish cloudscape, climbing through 15,000 feet.
First introduced in 1942, the Lancaster soon became the mainstay of Bomber Command’s offensive against Germany, by summer 1944 equipping 44 RAF Squadrons. It participated in many famous raids including the daylight attack on Ausberg, the destruction of the Mohne and Eder dams and the sinking of the Tirpitz.
It’s crews carried out many deeds of great heroism, none more so than Bill Reid and Norman Jackson, two holders of the Victoria Cross, both awarded whilst flying Lancasters.

Overall print size: 24 inches wide x 20 inches high.

Signed in pencil by the artist Robert Taylor and two distinguished airmen, who sadly are no longer with us; Flight Lieutenant Bill Reid VC, Warrant Officer Norman Jackson VC.

1500 Restricted Edition prints

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