Robert Taylor Catalogue

Knights Move

by Robert Taylor

Knights Move Robert Taylor German Naval Art, Tirpitz. Me109s of JG5

Aircraft: Me109s of JG5

Military aviation and German Naval art by Robert Taylor

The terrifying North Atlantic supply convoys to Russia began in September 1941 with Churchill’s promise to Stalin to send convoys every 10 days. In the event, treacherous conditions, insufficient ships, limited unloading facilities, and frozen ports meant that by the year end only seven convoys had got through.
The German Navy were quick to react, C in C Grand Admiral Raeder increasing U-boat strength in Norwegian waters, and ordering the mighty battleship Tirpitz to Norway, prompting Churchill to say “Tirpitz is the most important naval vessel in the situation today.” He believed her destruction would “profoundly affect the course of the war.” The first RAF attack was mounted on the night of 29/30 January, but the great battleship escaped unscathed.
Fearing for the safety of the Tirpitz, Hitler ordered more Luftwaffe aircraft to Norway, and the gathering German forces began inflicting mounting losses on the lumbering convoys. As the Arctic spring and summer progressed, bringing perpetual daylight to the Barents Sea, the attacks continued around the clock.
The threat of attack by the Tirpitz was sufficient in itself to cause chaos and disruption to he North Atlantic convoys: The day after Convoy PQ17 set sail from Iceland on June 27, the British Home Fleet learned that Tirpitz had sailed from her hideout in the Norwegian fjords and, considering the threat to their cruiser squadron too serious, and with their battleships and carriers unable to arrive in time, PQ17 was ordered to scatter. U-boat and air attacks took a terrible toll, only 10 of the 34 merchantmen having set sail made it through to the Russian port of Archangel. Tirpitz failed to make contact with the convoy and returned to port without firing a shell, but her very presence in the theatre enough to cause the demise of Convoy PQ17.
Robert Taylor’s new painting ‘Knights Move’ shows the awesome battleship Tirpitz under the command of Admiral Schniewind, in company with battleships Scheer and Hipper, setting sail during ‘Operation Rosselsprung’, destined for the open sea and the North Atlantic convoy traffic. Messerschmitt Me109s of JG5, based at Petsamø, provided overhead cover while flotilla escort vessels make up the fearsome armada. The magnificent Norwegian mountains provide a spectacular backdrop to this comprehensively realistic and stirring World War Two image.

Overall Print Size: 35 3/4” wide x 23 1/2” high

The Editions and Signatures:



500 signed & numbered prints with FOUR signatures

THE TIRPITZ EDITION – All the signatures above plus:

Oberst HAJO HERMANN: Unteroffizier HEINZ KERN

400 signed & numbered prints with SIX signatures

30 Artist Proofs with SIX signatures

THE VETERANS EDITION – All the above signatures plus:

Oberstleutnant GUNTHER SCHOLZ: Leutnant EDMUND ‘PAULE’ ROSSMANN: Oberleutnant WALTER SCHUCK - Companion Print: Unteroffizier GÜNTER KOLB - Companion Print

A total of TEN signatures

Borne on Eagles Wings – Issued only with the Veterans Edition, this exclusive matching-numbered companion drawing print , signed by two Me109 pilots and by the artist Robert Taylor, features Me109s of III./JG5 as they take off for a coastal sweep from their base at Petsamø.
Overall print size: 21½" wide x 14¾" high

100 Veterans Proofs with TEN signatures

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