D-Day Drop 'Stick 21' by Robert Taylor

D-Day Drop 'Stick 21' by Robert Taylor

At 23.45 on the night of 5 June 1944, the 101st Airborne’s most legendary unit of combat paratroopers – the notorious ‘Filthy Thirteen’ – jumped into France near the village of Sainte Mère Église, in the final hours before the D-Day landings.

They were the Screaming Eagles' most notorious unit. A small bunch of raw, tough, ruthless young men, mostly from the Dustbowl, with scant regard for authority. These men had withstood the worst that the Depression could throw at them, Hard drinking and savage fighting - and that was only in training - they were never ones to salute an officer, clean their uniforms, or have a regular bath, Officially they were the First Demolition Squadron, HQ Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne, Unofficially they were the 'Filthy Thirteen',
And if the reputation of this unique bunch of renegades within the ranks of the 101 st was formidable, for the Germans it became one of sheer terror, Because, for the 'Filthy Thirteen', anything not directly concerned with killing the enemy was irrelevant. Theirs was a story so amazing that it reputedly
became the inspiration for the Hollywood war movie The Dirty Dozen'.
Robert Taylor's classic new Master Drawing, the latest in his Graphite Collection, captures the moment on the night of 5 June 1944 when the 101st Airborne's legendary squad of elite paratroopers jump into battle in the vital hours before the D-Day sea-borne landings commence. The pilots of the 440th Troop Carrier Group struggle to keep their Dakotas level as deadly flak pummels the formation,
These limited edition prints are signed by some of the Airborne Division's most respected veterans, including Jake McNiece, unofficial leader of The Filthy Thirteen', and James Megellas, the most highly decorated officer in the 82nd Airborne,

Robert Taylor's evocative new limited edition will become one of the most collectible Airborne editions ever published, Not only has the world's premier aviation artist created one of his most masterful drawings, the latest in his acclaimed Graphite Collection, but the prints have been signed by some of the Airborne Division's most respected and most famous veterans.
They include the rare signatures of Sergeant Jake McNiece, unofficial leader of The Filthy Thirteen', and Lt Col James Megellas, the most decorated officer in the 82nd Airborne. They also include several from the 101st Airborne's most famous unit, the celebrated men of 'Easy Company', the Division's original 'Band of Brothers' who would be immortalised worldwide through books and film. These, and the other distinguished signatories, have signed in tribute to all the men who fought in 1944 with the Airborne Divisions following the Normandy invasion.

Overall print size 26¾” wide x 20¼” high


Each print in every edition is personally signed by two of the original ‘Filthy Thirteen’, together with artist Robert Taylor.

The unofficial leader of the ‘Filthy Thirteen’, Jake McNiece was the inspiration for the ‘Mohawk’ haircuts and war paint that the men wore on D-Day. He survived four combat jumps during WWII.

Private First Class JACK ‘HAWKEYE’ WORMER
Joining the ‘Filthy Thirteen’ before D-Day he was the best shot in the unit. Separated on the D-Day drop he initially fought alongside the 501st PIR before being reunited with his company.

225 Limited Edition with TWO signatures
25 Artist Proofs with TWO signatures