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By Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor Aviation Art Inbound to Target, Lancaster


Aircraft: Lancaster

The crews of 617 Squadron that took part in the epic Dambusters raid on the night of 16/17 May 1943 were among the finest in the RAF, especially the pilots. They were the elite of Bomber Command, and when they left RAF Scampton that night, the skills of their pilots - some of the finest bomber pilots of the Second World War, would be tested to the limit.
First, they must guide their aircraft across heavily defended enemy territory at altitudes often as low as fifty feet, dodging flak, trees, buildings and power lines. And then they must attack their targets with a precision unmatched in the annals of the RAF.
Of all the pilots who took to the skies that night, no-one was more accomplished at low-level flying than Flight Lieutenant 'Mick' Martin, and it is his aircraft - Lancaster AJ-P, that Robert Taylor has chosen to portray in his highly evocative new work Inbound to Target. In company with Flight Lieutenant John Hopgood in the distance, they follow one of the many canals of Holland, wingtips barely missing the sails of the windmills, en-route to the Mohne Dam.
Delicately crafted in a subtle, unique blend of pencil and paint, Robert's latest masterpiece is a truly stunning and highly individual rendition of this most famous mission. Printed on the latest precision press, each of these exclusive limited edition prints is a true and faithful reproduction of his masterful original.

Overall Size Overall print size: 21¾" Wide x 14½" High
(Image Size: 18¾" wide x 10½" high)

Acid Free Permanent Paper

Every print in this breathtakingly beautiful new limited edition by Robert Taylor has been individually signed in pencil by the six surviving air crew veterans and a ground crew veteran of the Dams raid, including the sole-surviving Dambuster pilot, New Zealander Les Munro

225 Limited Edition prints
25 Artist Proofs


The six signatories are:

RAF Flight Engineer in Lancaster AJ-N- they breached the Eder Dam.
Squadron Leader GEORGE JOHNSON DFM RAF Bomb Aimer on Lancaster AJ-T- they attacked the Sorpe Dam.
Corporal KENNETH LUCAS RAF Ground crew technician who worked on the Dambuster Lancasters.
Flight Sergeant GRANT McDONALD RCAF Rear Gunner in Lancaster AJ-F - they attacked the Sorpe Dam.
Squadron Leader LES MUNRO DSO DFC RNZAF Captain and pilot of Lancaster AJ- W, one of Gibson's three flight commanders, assigned to attack the Sorpe Dam.
Sergeant FRED SUTHERLAND RCAF Front Gunner in Lancaster AJ-N - they breached the Eder Dam.

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