Robert Taylor Catalogue


by Robert Taylor



Aircraft – Hurricane

It is August 1940. The Battle of Britain is at its height. Great armadas of Luftwaffe aircraft have made incessant attacks on southern Britain throughout the day. The unmistakable roar of the Merlin engines fills the fighter station once again, as the Hurricanes scramble into the air
It is their sixth operation sortie of the day.
Totally outnumbered in each combat, they have taken losses, but they still have a squadron commander, enough pilots, and enough serviceable aircraft. Almost exhausted by the tension of continual combat since dawn, the young, battle-weary pilots roar off into the evening sky for a final duel of the day.

Overall print size: 37 inches wide x 26 inches high.

Signed and numbered by the artist Robert Taylor and four of Churchill’s legendary few; Wing Commander Bob Doe DSO DFC, Wing Commander Bee Beamont DSO DFC, Air Commodore Pete Brothers CBE DSO DFC*, Air Vice Marshal Sir Denis Crowley Milling DSO DFC.


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