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Height and Sun

By Robert Taylor

Height and Sun Robert Taylor Aviation Art, Hurricane

Aircraft – Hawker Hurricane

"If you had the height, you controlled the battle. If you came out of the sun, the enemy could not see you. If you held your fire until you were very close, you seldom missed".
These three basic rules contributed to the prowess in aerial combat of some of the most successful fighter pilots in history and seldom were they more valuable than when outnumbered.
Between July and October 1940 the brave young pilots of RAF Fighter Command were under intense pressure from the constant attacks of the Luftwaffe
and the Hawker Hurricane, was the machine of the Battle of Britain, accounting for 80 percent of Allied victories.
In Robert Taylor's outstanding new painting, Hurricanes of 32 Sqn climb high into the morning sky, gaining Height and Sun in an attempt to take the advantage over the onslaught of enemy fighters - August, 1940. Featuring a typical 'Robert Taylor skyscape’ this new image captures the surreal calmness above the clouds, belying the fury of action and ultimate sacrifices made in those crisp blue skies.
With the prints in the edition personally autographed by members of the few this is a fitting testimony to the brave men who fought during one of the most crucial period's of British history.

Overall print size: 27'½" wide x 17" high. Acid Free Permanent Paper

Every print in the Limited Edition has been personally signed by the artist Robert Taylor together with the following THREE Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots who fought during this pivotal moment of the War:

Group Captain BILLY DRAKE Hurricanes / 213 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant RICHARD JONES Spitfires / 64 Squadron
Squadron Leader GEOFFREY WELLUM Spitfires / 92 Squadron
300 Limited Edition Prints with 3 signatures

In addition to the three signatories of the Limited Edition, each copy of the Tribute Edition has been personally signed by a further twenty-two Battle of Britain pilots and aircrew, making a total of TWENTY-FIVE distinguished members of Churchill's famous 'few':

Flight Lieutenant ALEXANDER APPLEFORD Spitfires / 66 Squadron, Flight Lieutenant ALBERT GREGORY Blenheims / 219 Squadron, Squadron Leader TONY IVESON Spitfires / 616 Squadron, Master Pilot LEOPOLD HEIMES Blenheims / 235 Squadron, Flight Lieutenant BENJAMIN BENT Blenheims / 25 Squadron, Wing Commander TERENCE KANE Spitfires / 234 Squadron,
Squadron Leader MAURICE BROWN Spitfires / 611 Squadron, Squadron Leader ROBERT KINGS Hurricanes / 238 Squadron, Flight Lieutenant OWEN BURNS Blenheims / 235 Squadron, Flight Lieutenant KEITH LAWRENCE Spitfires / 234 Squadron, Flight Lieutenant JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN Blenheims / 235 Squadron Flight Lieutenant ROBIN LUCAS Defiants / 141 Squadron, Squadron Leader KENNETH LUSTY Blenheims / 25 Squadron, Squadron Leader JOCELYN MILLARD Hurricanes / 1 Squadron, Group Captain BYRON DUCKENFIELD Hurricanes / 501 Squadron, Wing Commander TOM NEIL Hurricanes / 249 Squadron, Wing Commander JOHN ELKINGTON Hurricanes / 1 Squadron, Group Captain HERBERT PINFOLD Hurricanes / 56 Squadron, Squadron Leader ROBERT FOSTER Hurricanes / 605 Squadron, Flying Officer KENNETH WILKINSON Spitfires / 616 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant TREVOR G RAY Spitfires / 64 Squadron, Wing Commander GEORGE SWANWICK Spitfires / 54 Squadron

175 Tribute Edition with 25 signatures

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