Robert Taylor Catalogue


by Robert Taylor


Aircraft – Hurricanes

On May 10th, 1940 upwards of seventy airfields in France, Belgium and the Netherlands came under heavy attack from the Luftwaffe, at that time rampant across the skies of northern Europe. Aware that the crucial Battle of Britain was to come, Fighter Command’s Hugh Dowding could risk but four squadrons of his valuable Hurricane fighters to support the British Expeditionary Force as it fought its rearguard action in France.
Flying from ill-prepared grass strips, with groundcrews making the best of what meagre facilities were on hand, the Hurricane pilots literally flew themselves to a standstill. Robert Taylor superbly recreates a typical scene at a forward air base of the era.

Overall print size: 32¾ inches wide x 23½ inches high

Signed by the artist Robert Taylor and six of the great Aces of RAF Fighter Command. All flew Hurricanes during the Battle of France in 1940:
Wing Commander Roland ‘Bee’ Beamont CBE DSO* DFC*, Air Commodore Peter Brothers CBE DSO DFC*, Group Captain Frank Carey CBE DFC* DFM AFC, Group Captain Dennis David CBE DFC* AFC, Squadron Leader John Gibson DSO DFC, Squadron Leader Kenneth Lee DFC.

This print comes complete with two companion prints initialled by the artist and with matching numbers to the main print (18 inches wide x 13½ inches high). ‘Gloster Gladiator’ is a fine study of a Mk II Gladiator bi-plane of 615 Squadron, based at Abbeville northern France in April 1940. ‘Bristol Blenheim’ a handsome study of a Mk IV Blenheim of No.57 Squadron based at Rosiers, France, flown by Fl. Lt James Foulsham and seen returning from a daylight bombing raid on a German armoured column, May 17th 1940.

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