Philip West Catalogue

Flight Against The Bismarck

by Philip E. West

Flight Against The Bismarck by Philip E. West


70th Anniversary Tribute

The Royal Navy's week long chase of the formidable German battleship
Bismarck culminated in the foul evening weather of 26th May 1941. Despite
the deck of HMS Ark Royal pitching through 55 feet, S/Lt John Moffat was
one of fifteen Swordfish pilots who took off to attack Bismarck. After 90
minutes of arduous and turbulent flying the Swordfish found their quarry
and dived through the intense anti-aircraft fire to drop their torpedoes.
One of these hit and jammed Bismarck's rudder and condemned the battleship
to sail in slow circles. The Royal Navy's own capital ships then closed in
and pounded Bismarck into a burning wreck.
This is only one example of heroic acts by the many Swordfish crew who flew and fought so valiantly for their Queen and country throughout WW2. Most of which has gone unrecognised.

Overall print size 16” x 26” / 40cms x 66cms

The Signatories

Sub. Lt. Stanley Brand RNVR (Pilot) *

Lieut. Norman Gillis RNVR (Pilot) *

Lt. Cdr. Bruce Vibert (Pilot)*

Three Swordfish Pilots signed the Primary Edition

Very Restricted Edition. Early ordering Highly Recommended.

Primary Edition: 100 Signed and Numbered prints 3 signatures

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