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by Robert Taylor

Robert-Taylor-Fighting-Tigers, P-40 Warhawks, Zeros

Aircraft – P-40 Warhawks, Zeros

From Shanghai, Tokyo Rose screeched out her broadcast as the 23rd Fighter Group prepared to assume the mantle of General Chennault’s American Volunteer Group, “Greetings, you American bandits of the Flying Tigers, especially you young American kids of the USAAF who have come to take their place. The invincible Japanese Air Force will utterly destroy you on your first day of aviation - the fourth of July – your Independence Day!” On hearing the propaganda Chennault vowed “We will not wait until the 4th. We’ll hit them on the 3rd!”
And that is precisely what the young American kids did.
Robert Taylor has painted a superb picture reconstructing an action fought on August 5th, 1944, over the Hsiang Chiang river in southern China. Following a successful attack on Japanese forces just north of Changsha, P-40 Warhawks of the 75th and 16th Fighter Squadrons, 23rd F.G., are attacked by enemy Nakajima fighters and a massive dog-fight has developed with aircraft wheeling and turning in all directions.

Signed in pencil by the artist Robert Taylor and five Aces from the Flying Tigers: Major John Alison, Colonel ‘Tex’ Hill, Lt. Colonel Don Lopez, Colonel Ed Rector, Brigadier General Wiltz Segura.

Overall print size: 31¾ inches wide x 23½ inches high
500 signed and numbered prints
50 Artist’s Proofs

The AVG Folio Edition
As above but issued with three extra signatures and a matching numbered copy of an emotive pencil drawing by Robert Taylor ‘Tigers On The Prowl’, initialled by the artist, featuring P-40s of the original AVG Flying Tigers.
The extra signatories; Colonel Charles Older, Flight Leader Dick Rossi,
Flight Leader Erik Shilling

350 AVG Folio Edition
35 AVG Folio Artist’s Proofs

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