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Eismeer Patrol
by Anthony Saunders


Eismeer Patrol by Anthony Saunders

This is released with Break Out by Anthony Saunders as

By Anthony Saunders

IOn the morning of March 11th 1943, Fw190s from IV./JG5 fly escort to the mighty battleship Tirpitz and a screening fleet of destroyers and torpedo boats as they begin a voyage north to Bogen Bay during Operation Rostock. Designed to evade the increasingly frequent British bombing raids, the Tirpitz joined an impressive German naval battle fleet gathering near Narvik. In this fleet, it posed a grave threat to Arctic convoys before its destruction on November 12th, 1944. This print has been signed by one of the few survivors rescued from the upturned hull of this battleship along with one of the last pilots to fly over the sinking vessel.

Each print has been personally signed by the artist in addition to the following Tirpitz veteran and JG5 pilot:

Leutnant Zur See WILLI VOLSING

Joining the Kriegsmarine in 1942, he was Senior Controller in the Gunnery Fire Control Section on Tirpitz, one of the most important gunnery positions on the ship. After the Tirpitz capsized, he was one of the few fortunate survivors to be released from deep inside the ship by rescuers cutting into the upturned hull.

Oberleutnant KURT SCHULZE

Initially an Me-110 Wireless Operator over Russia, he flew night missions over England in Do-217s with I./KG2. Training as a Fighter Pilot in 1943 he flew 65 missions in Me109s with III./JG5 on the Arctic Front, scoring three victories and flew in the ill-fated defence of the Tirpitz. In March 1945 he commanded 1./JG51 in the encircled east German city of Danzig, before returning to Norway to command 16./JG5.

The prints in this new portfolio are available either individually or as a matching numbered pair representing excellent value for money:

Signed and Numbered Print

Edition Size - 400

Artist Proof

Edition Size - 25

Remarques - Edition Size - 25

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Signed and Numbered Bought as a Pair

Edition Size - 400

Artist Proof Bought as a Pair

Edition Size - 25

Remarque Bought as a Pair

Edition Size - 25

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