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by Robert Taylor

DUEL-IN-THE-DARK-ROBERT-TAYLOR-Aviation Art, Lancaster, Me109 night-fighter



Aircraft – Lancaster, Me109 night-fighter

First of Robert Taylor’s Luftwaffe Trilogy

As the air war progressed, the intensity of the RAF’s nightly raids grew to epic proportions. The Luftwaffe night-fighters became a critical last line of defence as their cities were pounded from above. By 1944 the Luftwaffe was operating sophisticated systems co-ordinating radar, searchlights and flak batteries, enabling effective guidance to increasingly wily aircrews flying equipment-laden aircraft. But the RAF had in turn developed their own detection equipment, and the nightly aerial contests between fighters and bombers were desperate affairs.
Night-fighter pilots were men of special calibre, requiring a blend of all the best piloting and navigational qualities combined with patience, determination and cunning. They were hunters, pitting their wits against a formidable foe. They were young and fought a brave but losing battle in defence of their homeland.
Robert Taylor’s painting is set in August 1944. As Lancaster heavy bombers of 106 Squadron approach their target, Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer, Kommandeur of IV./NJG1 and the Luftwaffe’s top scoring night-fighter pilot, makes a daring attack passing feet below the mighty four engined aircraft. Flying his Me109 night-fighter among the flak and searchlights he has scored hits on the bombers outer starboard engine. While his gunner fiercely returns fire from the bombers front turret gunner, the night-fighter Ace will slip into the shadows before selecting another quarry.

Overall print size: 32¾ inches wide x 25 inches high.

Signed by the artist Robert Taylor and five Luftwaffe night-fighter airmen, four Aces and one radio operator, who were awarded Germany’s coveted Knight’s Cross; Oberst Wolfgang Falck pilot, Major Werner Hoffman pilot, Major Paul Zorner pilot, Oberfeldwebel Günther Bahr pilot, Leutnant Fritz Rumpelhardt radio operator for Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer.

The Knight’s Cross Edition

350 signed and numbered prints with five signatures

The Night-Fighter Edition

Includes all five signatures of the Knight’s Cross Edition and the additional signature of night-fighter Ace; Hauptmann Peter Spoden
Also includes a matching numbered companion print ‘Night Attacker’ (13½ inches wide x 17 inches high) signed by Robert Taylor.

250 signed and numbered prints with six signatures
25 Artist’s Proofs with six signatures

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