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D-Day Normandy Landings

by Robert Taylor

D-Day Normandy Landings-Robert Taylor Military Art


D-Day Normandy Landings

On the 6th June , 1944 no fewer than 4000 ships landed 133,000 assault troops on the beaches of Normandy. A further 23,000 parachuted in, whilst Allied aircraft flew 14,000 sorties on that historic day. By the end of August 200,000 seamen had transported two million troops across to France. It was the greatest and most successful Military invasion in history, which led to the downfall of Hitler’s Germany, and the end of the war in Europe.
Robert Taylor’s restricted edition print is signed by the artist and Brigadier Stanier, who commanded 231 Brigade of the 50(N) Division who landed on the beaches east of Asnelles-sur-Mer. After heavy fighting they liberated the town of Arromanches and fought their way through to become the first British troops to link up with the United States Army, who had landed on Omaha Beach.
Robert Taylor’s portrayal captures the very essence of that herculean battle on the first day. The painting contains over 30 craft of all types and is dominated by one of the many large transport ships, lowering her landing craft under bombardment from shore batteries. Barrage balloons flying, this massive fleet sailed into the teeth of the German defences, to land its invasion forces against all odds.
This powerful marine print is possibly the only one available signed by one of the actual Divisional Commanders who landed on D-Day.
Each print also carries two small prints of pencil ‘remarque’ drawings on the tint border, depicting a DC3 Dakota dropping paratroops, and a patrolling Spitfire

Overall print size 24"wide x 20" high

Signed by Robert Taylor and Brigadier Sir Alex Stanier BT, DSO, MC

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