Philip West Catalogue

Concorde – Queen of the Skies

By Philip West

Concorde – Queen of the Skies By Philip West


Concorde looking her most majestic as she heads off into the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. With the afterburners having just been switched on Concorde will quickly gain height until finally reaching a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet, where , on a clear day, passengers could see the curvature of the earth.

Overall print size 28" x 16"

All the prints are signed by Philip West and :

Barbara Harmer Barbara Harmer the world’s first and only female Concorde pilot. In 2007 Barbara will take part in a single handed yacht race from here to S. America.

The artist ‘s proofs are also signed by Concorde co-pilot Peter Sinclair and Flight Engineer Trevor Norcott

Primary edition size - 400: One signature

Artist Proof Edition size – 45: Three signatures

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