Robert Taylor Catalogue


by Robert Taylor


Aircraft – P-38

First they would appear as small, fast moving specks on the distant horizon. Jinking over the treetops, they closed in on their target at frightening speed. By the time the distinctive shape of the P-38 Lightning became recognisable it was often too late for evasive action and within seconds another strafing mission would add to the devastation, disruption and confusion meted out by the marauding P-38 pilots of the Eighth Air Force.
Robert Taylor’s panoramic painting shows P-38J Lightnings of the 364th Fighter Group flying low over Bosham, on England’s south coast after a strafing mission over France in the summer of 1944.
Signed in pencil by the artist Robert Taylor and five distinguished P-38 Aces; Lt. Colonel Frank Hurlbut, Colonel Jack M Ilfrey, Major Thomas E Maloney, Major Newell O Roberts, Colonel Darrell Welch.

Overall print size 34½ inches x 25 inches

1250 signed and numbered prints
125 Artist Proofs

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