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by Robert Taylor

Breaking Cover Robert Taylor Aviation Art

Concealed in the woods of northern France, Fw190 pilots break cover ready for a quick take-off to intercept Allied bombers in the summer of 1944.

One of the great fighters of World War II, the Fw190 for a time came to dominate the war-torn skies of Europe and was flown by many of the Luftwaffe's great Aces.

Every print has been personally signed by the artist Robert Taylor, together with THREE highly experienced Luftwaffe pilots that flew the Fw190 in combat:

Unteroffizier GERHARD KOTT 8 victories
Leutnant HELMUT BALLEWSKI Iron Cross
Leutnant KURT WUPPERMAN 3 victories

275 Limited Edition prints
25 Artist Proofs

Overall print size: 13” wide x 9½” high


Breaking Cover Robert Taylor Aviation Art

The magnificient Eagles Edition is conservation matted to include the additional signatures of the following Luftwaffe Knight's Cross holders who flew the Fw190 during World War II:
6 signature edition
Generalmajor DIETRICH HRABAK KC with Oak Leaves 125 victories
Hauptmann GUNTHER SCHACK KC with Oak Leaves 174 victories
Oberst HERMAN BUCHNER KC 58 victories

30 Eagles Edition - enquire for availablity

Overall matte size: 17½” wide x 17½” high


Breaking Cover Robert Taylor Aviation Art

With all the components of the Eagles Edition, the THIRTEEN signature Tribute Proofs are embellished by a replica Knight’s Cross ribbon and contain the matted signatures of an additional seven leading Luftwaffe Aces, all of whome flew and fought in Fw190s and amassed a staggering total of 1324 victories between them:

Generalleutnant WALTER KRUPINSKI KC with Oak Leaves 197 victories
Generalleutnant GUNTHER RALL KC Oak Leaves with Swords 275 victories
Generalleutnant HANNES TRAUTLOFT KC 57 victories
Major FRITZ LOSISKEIT KC 68 victories
Major HEINZ LANGE KC 70 victories
Hauptmann ALFRED GRISLAWSKI KC with Oak Leaves 133 victories
Oberluetnant GERHARD THYBEN KC with Oak Leaves 156 victories

15 Luftwaffe Tribute Proofs - SOLD OUT

Overall matte size: 17½” wide x 19” high

We are excited to announce that there will also be an exclusively limited number of remarques available. These will actually be issued as part of the THIRTEEN signature Luftwaffe Tribute Proofs and each will be individually matted to showcase that exquisite pencil remarque:
15 Remarques
5 Double Remarques

As these are so rare they are likely to sell quickly so please contact us for availability

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