Robert Taylor Catalogue

The Battle of the Coral Sea

by Robert Taylor

The Battle of the Coral Sea by Robert Taylor SBD Dauntless

Aircraft – SBD Dauntless

Tactically the Battle of the Coral Sea may have indicated a Japanese success, but strategically it was an American victory. The capture of Port Moresby had been thwarted, and for the first time the march of the Japanese forces throughout the Southwest Pacific was halted.
Portrayed in Robert Taylor’s painting is the sinking of the Shóhó. Leading one of the SBD Dauntless dive bomb squadrons from the carrier Lexington, Commander Weldon Hamilton spotted the Shóhó at 1040 on the morning of May 4th 1942, the Japanese carrier’s fate was sealed. Within minutes the full force of the Lexington’s torpedo and dive-bomber aircraft, aided by the Yorktown’s attack group, hit the Shóhó.
Seen in Robert Taylor’s spectacular rendition are the Lexington’s SBD Dauntless dive-bombers climbing out following delivery of their successful bombing attack, more SDBs follow them in while below the Devastator torpedo bombers swoop in to deliver their lethal cargo.
Signed in pencil by the artist Robert Taylor and five SBD Dauntless pilots who flew in action in the Pacific; Commander Harold L Buell, Captain Ben Preston, Commander Joe Riley, Captain Arthur J Shultz, Captain ‘Link’ Lawrence G Trayner.

Overall print size: 33¼ inches wide x 23½ inches high

500 signed and numbered prints with five signatures

50 Artist’s Proofs with five signatures

Five additional signatures, making a total of ten signatures, appear on print nos. 1 – 350:
Lt. Commander Dick Best, Captain Bill Christie, Captain Robert Elder,
Commander Harry A Fredrickson, Captain Stanley W Vejtasa.

350 signed and numbered prints with ten signatures

35 Artist’s Proofs with ten signatures

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