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FREE with each print ordered REMEMBER DECEMBER 7TH! A commemorative full colour poster originally published in 1942

The very first air combat fought by American pilots following the surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor. In less than one hour America struck back in a war that was to end in total victory. As the assault mounted on the Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, simultaneously the air base at Wheeler Field came under heavy attack. Two young USAAF pilots, Kenneth Taylor and George Walsh, quickly got their P-40 Tomahawks airborne. Winging southwards towards Ewa Field they ripped into a dozen or more enemy planes attacking the marine field. Diving into the formation they each downed 'Val' fighter-bombers. Robert Taylor's painting shows Ken Taylor in his P-40 tomahawk, with George Walsh in close company, bringing down his second enemy aircraft on December 7, 1941, an Aichi D-3Al ' Val' dive-bomber. In the background palls of smoke rise from Hangar 6 housing the naval float planes, and the up-turned battleship Oaklahoma.
Overall Print Size: 23" x 30"

Signed By

Colonel WILLIAM DICKMAN , **Colonel DAVID 'TEX' HILL , Lt. General JOE MOORE , Brigadier General KENNETH TAYLOR , Colonel EARL WILLIAMS


**Colonel DAVID 'TEX' HILL (due to personal circumstances )was repalced as signatory on the entire edition by General Van de Hey

General Van de Hey joined the service in November 1939 and was at Hickam Field on the morning of December 7, 1941 when it came under two ferocious attacks, starting at 07.55. In June 1942 he was flying P40s in the Marshall and Gilbert Islands and was involved in the Battle of Midway. He later saw action at Iwo Jima and took part in the first daylight long-range mission to Tokyo. He flew P40s, P51s and P47s and after the war served for two years in Vietnam. He had 4 victories to his credit.

Edition Size –

550 Signed and Numbered Print
25 Artist Proofs


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