Nicholas Watts Art Gallery

Targa Florio 1972

by Nicholas Watts

Targa Florio 1972 by Nicholas Watts - Ferrari 312 PB  - Arturo Merzario Sandro Munari


The Targa Florio was reputed to be run in the most hostile environment in Europe. Raced over the toughest roads, this year the Sicilian road race ran foralmost 500 miles, over 11 laps, of the tortuous Piccolo Circuito Madonie. For the 56th Targa Florio in 1972, Enzo Ferrari entered just one of his powerful 312PB sports-racing prototypes. Driven by Arturo Merzario and Sandro Munari, the car set the fastest lap in practice and dominated the race itself.

Featured Make: Ferrari

Featured Model: 312PB

Featured Drivers: Arturo Merzario Sandro Munari

Featured Location: Italy - Endurance

Featured Year: 1972

Dimensions: 840mm x 630mm (approx)

Limited Edition: 500

Signatories: Arturo Merzario Sandro Munari

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