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Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the most audacious raid carried out in the during World War II - the famous 'Doolittle' raid on Tokyo, 18 April 1942.

On Sunday, December 7, 1942, America and the free world had stood appalled by the treacherous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which had left over two thousand American servicemen dead, and most of her battleships destroyed or damaged. America knew it had to strike back quickly, and strike back hard.
And on the morning of 18 April 1942, just four months later, sixteen Army Air Force B-25 bombers under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel James Doolittle did precisely that. Launching from the heaving decks of the USS Hornet Doolittle led his intrepid force on a daring aerial raid on the enemy's capital, Tokyo. The raiders knew it was a one-way trip, they had insufficient fuel to return, so they must bomb their targets and fly on to China in the hope of survival. Most, but not all, of the crews survived to fly and fight again. Jimmy Doolittle was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor,
Robert Taylor's classic masterwork was created with the technical assistance of Jimmy Doolittle himself, and portrays the moment that Doolittle overflies the carrier to check his compass bearing as another B-25 launches from the heaving deck of the Hornet. Signed by Jimmy Doolittle and thirteen of his men the original print edition is now a rarity, highly sought after on the secondary market. Thanks to the Giclee process however, collectors can now compliment those high value signed prints, and enhance their portfolios, with the release of these new studio prints

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