Robert Taylor Catalogue

by Robert Taylor


At 10.30 on the morning of 26th May, 1941, a lone Catalina of 209 Squadron rediscovers the mighty German battleship Bismarck - pride of the Kriegsmarine - which had eluded the Royal Navy for more than 32 hours. Heavy flak surrounds the Catalina as she signals the position of the Bismarck - some 700 miles west of Brest - to the Admiralty. The following day, confronted by the Royal Navy battleships King George V and Rodney, supported by 2 cruisers, the Bismarck was sunk during one of the epic actions of modern naval warfare.

Overall print size: 32" x 23"

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist Robert Taylor and FOUR of the small band of only 110 crew members who survived the sinking of the Bismarck.
Obergefreiter HANS HELLWIG
Machinen Obergefreiter KARL-AUGUST SCHULDT
Machinen Obergefreiter JOHANNES ZIMMERMANN

Edition Size - 850 Signed and Numbered Print

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