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Shark Attack

by Colin Carter

Shark Attack by Colin Carter


In 1958 Phil Hill was brought into the Ferrari Grand Prix team, but it was not until the 1961 season, armed with Ferrari’s first rear-engined car, that his obvious talent was unleashed. In the potent “Shark Nose” Ferrari, Hill’s season became a straightforward battle with team mate Count Wolfgange Von Trips, with Von Trips just ahead on points at the penultimate grand prix at Monza. A clash with Jim Clark, early in the race, resulted in the tragic death of Von Trips and with Hill going on to victory, he gained the world championship in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Phil Hill and the “Shark nose” Ferrari remain one of the most fondly remembered, winning combinations in grand prix racing history.

Print size is 900mm x 700mm (approx 35.5" x 27.5")


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