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Return of the Hunters
by Anthony Saunders


Return of the Hunters by Anthony Saunders  - RAF Typhoons

This is released with Dawn Breakers by Anthony Saunders


Omaha Beach June 1944

Throughout the early morning of 6 June 1944, men of the US 29th Infantry Division had fought their way yard by yard across the bloody shingle of Omaha Beach. Thrown off course by worsening weather, they had finally landed near the village of Saint Laurent-sur-Mer, only to run into withering defensive fire; the strong German opposition was unexpected. It was the same on most sectors of 'bloody Omaha' beach that morning. But, showing unparalleled levels of bravery and determination, the US infantrymen finally prevailed and within days the scene on the beach was a hive of activity as 'Mulberry A' - one of two giant artificial harbours that had been towed across the Channel - was erected off this once-deadly beach. The two 'Mulberries' - one American, one British - were a mammoth feat of engineering, each the size of Dover harbour and containing over 334,000 tons of concrete, ballast and steel. And yet they took a mere seven days to assemble.

Only one, however, was to survive because, on 19 June, a violent storm swept up the Channel destroying the American Mulberry.
Anthony Saunders' intensely graphic new painting Return of the Hunters shows a pair of RAF Typhoons from 245 Squadron over the American Mulberry. They race back to their base in Hampshire to re-fuel and re-arm after delivering a blistering rocket attack on German positions behind the ever-widening Normandy beachhead.

Each print in Anthony Sounders' new pair of D-Day commemorative prints has been signed by three highly
distinguished aviators who flew Typhoons, or on Halifaxes, during WWII and the Normandy Invasion.
Every print is endorsed by the artist and hand-numbered.

is signed by:
Flying Officer DEREK TAPSON
Posted to 197 Squadron Derek Tapson flew Typhoons operationally on D-Day against the advance of German forces and subsequently throughout the Allied invasion of Europe until he was shot down in February 1945 and captured by the Germans, spending the rest of the war as a PoW.
Wing Commander JERRY EATON DFC
Joining 257 Squadron as part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force Jerry Eaton converted to Typhoon IBs in 1943 in preparation for D-Day before taking part in low-level patrols in support of the advancing Allied troops, and also attacks on enemy transports. He remained in service with the RAF until 1972.
Flight Lieutenant DAVID INCE
Originally serving with 193 Squadron, David Ince later moved to 257 Squadron as part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force with whom he flew Typhoons on fighter-bombing sorties over North Western Europe providing air support for the Allied armies. Post war he flew as a Test Pilot on Glosters.

Signed and Numbered Print
£85 inc vat
Edition Size - 350

Artist Proof
£125 inc vat
Edition Size - 25

£250 inc vat
Edition Size - 25

Double Remarque
£415 inc vat
Edition Size -10

See below for special price if bought as a pair with Dawn Breakers
Signed and Numbered Bought as a Pair

Edition Size - 350

Artist Proof Bought as a Pair
Edition Size - 25

Remarque Bought as a Pair
Edition Size - 25

Double Remarque Bought as a Pair
Edition Size - 10

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