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by Richard Taylor

Double remarque by Richard Taylor


Double remarque by Richard Taylor


Richards remarques are extremely popular and already his first few releases are close to being sold out. His use of the pencil is quite superb and since being launched as a professional artist he has developed this to such a level that he is able to create remarques that are masterpieces in their own right. They are quite simply amongst the best to be found anywhere in the industry.
Due to demand DOUBLE REMARQUED editions have recently been launched, and for those that have not been able to view them we have included a few examples, above, that have been produced on recent releases. These Double Remarques measured approximately 10 x 4 inches taking up one half of an entire print border, creating a tableau which relates to the main image itself.

We are happy to accept requests for Richards remarques should you have a particular scene in mind, just ask at the time of ordering

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Richard Taylor is a young talent not to be ignored. His abounding enthusiasm for painting aircraft, and the distinctive natural flair of this young professional artist is clearly demonstrated in this, his very first aviation painting to be issued as a limited edition. In joining The Military Gallery – the same international publishing house that has represented his illustrious father over 30 years – Richard Taylor is set to carve out an exciting career for himself: a career that the most discerning collectors of the genre will no doubt wish to hold a stake in from the very outset.