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by Robert Taylor



On the night of 16/17 May 1943 the men of 617 Squadron breached the mighty dams of Germany in one of the most audacious precision raids of World War II. They were the Dambusters.

On the night of 16/17 May 1943, nineteen Lancasters and 133 men from the recently formed 617 Squadron carried out one of the most spectacular precision raids in the history of air warfare. This highly secret undertaking went under the code name of Operation Chastise, but the world would come to know it simply as the Dambuster Raid.
To destroy the huge hydroelectric dams that fed power to the Ruhr, the heart of Germany's industrial war machine, the crack unit was under no illusions about the task that lay before them, They could expect no mercy from the prowling night-fighters or heavy flak units that lay between them and the targets, and they could expect a barrage of fire as they ran in to their targets. And if that wasn't enough, in order to release their spinning, hydrostatic mines, a 'bouncing bomb' devised to skip across the water before sinking to erupt against the dam wall, they would need to fly at exactly 230 miles per hour, in total darkness and probably under attack, and at precisely 60 feet above the water.
Robert Taylor's world famous portrayal of the moment that the Mohne Dam was breached in Operation Chastise sold out almost immediately when it was originally released and has since joined the ranks of the most collectible limited air combat editions ever published. It is important, therefore, that this famous piece is the latest to be enhanced by the creation of new GICLEE STUDIO PROOF ON CANVAS.

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